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Selling your car privately can be a difficult process, that you may not have the time to do yourself. When you do have the time then dealing with potential time wasters and strangers is never easy and nor can it be rewarding. Whilst your car has still not sold it is costing you more of your precious time but also money with advertising the car, depreciation and insurance.

If you are a business looking to sell your vehicles then again i'm sure you have far more productive things to do with your time than to dispose of your unwanted company vehicles.

Let us at Motion Automotive make things easier for you with our hassle free options.

OPTION 1: Part Exchange your vehicle against one of our own suitable vehicles.
OPTION 2: We may be interested in buying your car directly from you. This may also give you more bargaining powers when negotiating your next car purchase elsewhere.
OPTION 3: Let us sell your car on your behalf and we will deal with all the advertising costs and buyers. All you have to do is bank the money once sold.

Just leave us the details of your car below or come in and see us with your car and we can discuss your best option

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